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Home Addition Contractors San Mateo, CA

Spaces Home Remodeling, San Mateo specializes in home additions and provides a full service from start to finish. This includes everything from design and architecture, and engineering, to construction and finishing.

Before we start a home addition project in San Mateo, we assign a team that includes a project manager, an architect and an engineer, one or two designers, and a construction team of four to 12 members.

The project manager is the person you have direct contact with. He or she manages all the professional team members, including those involved with construction. The architect and engineer create plans in accordance with city codes.

The designers assist with the interior design and are involved in selecting and buying materials and producing a 3D design for the project.
The construction team works on the build, according to the approved plans, ensuring you and the city are satisfied.

We have embraced the full-service approach where all professionals and trades are part of the team so that we don’t have to hire team members individually. Our experience shows that this helps to keep within set budgets, maintain efficient teamwork, and meet the deadline set for every project.

Home Additions - Architecture & Engineering Services

Highly experienced professional architects and engineers are the key to our successful San Mateo home addition projects. It is they who will plan and undertake your home addition plans, working with you all the way to help you achieve the home you have set your heart on.
This initial phase is vital as the entire project is based on the plans they produce. These professionals excel at providing creative ideas and solutions that solve potential problems. Doing it right the first time can also save a substantial amount of money that you can spend on upgrading materials and other design features if you wish. 

The architects and engineers in our teams have extensive knowledge of the San Mateo city codes. They are meticulous and ensure that all plans are compliant and there are no unauthorized deviations.

Design of Home Additions

While your architect creates the overall plan, the designers in your team will work with you to determine the finer details. They will help with color schemes and choosing materials including paint and tiles if required. They will also focus on the full range of fixtures and fittings including kitchen cabinets, bathroom appliances, vanities, mirrors, and so on.

Additionally, they will be available to shop for materials and other important items with you.

Once you approve your home addition design and choose the various materials, fixtures, fittings, and finishes, your designer will create a 3D model. This is always a very exciting phase because it simulates what your home addition will look like. It is based on the drawings produced by your architect and includes every element you have chosen.

You will then be given the opportunity to preview the 3D rendering and make any changes. We don’t place any orders, or embark on the construction process until we have your approval.

Permits & City Requirements

The San Mateo City Council has all the usual permits and codes required for building. Your Spaces Home Remodeling team has extensive experience working with the local authority and knows exactly what paperwork is needed. This includes the building, electrical, plumbing, energy, and green building codes.

Our teams also know when permits are required and for what. Our home addition services include the submission of plans and the acquisition of permits to ensure that your project meets all the city’s legal requirements.

Once we have submitted construction plans, these are reviewed by city officials to ensure they are compliant. We follow up and make appointments to review the plans. If there are any additional requests from the city, we handle these. For instance, there may be special inspections or reports that they want.

We can only start work once your plans have been approved and the necessary permits obtained. So, we work closely with the city, to speed up the process.

Once we start construction, we organize all the necessary City of San Mateo building and safety inspections.

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Home Additions - Remodeling & Construction

We are excited as you are to start work on your project. Once we have all the necessary permits, your home will become a building site, and our construction team will work from Monday through Friday until the project is complete.

Your dedicated project manager will be onsite regularly to manage the teams and ensure everything progresses in a timely manner. He will be accessible and available to you at any time to update you and respond to questions.

Your project manager works closely with all the members of your home addition remodeling and construction team. This includes your architect and engineer, as well as the designers and construction team leaders. We find that this approach ensures a well-organized, efficient, and productive approach.

Once the construction phase starts, we also have a group messaging system that is open to you and all your team members. This gives you direct access to every professional on your team.


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