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Design Build Contractors in San Mateo

Spaces Home Remodeling in San Mateo, California takes pride in being a special type of contractor. Our company specializes in design-build projects, offering in-house teams that are able to provide all the services you need for all home-building and renovation projects. These include any types of remodeling projects from single room remodels for bathrooms and kitchens, to more complex home additions and new construction.

We offer the full range of design-build services including those supplied by architects and engineers, interior designers, and, of course, construction companies. We do everything from commissioning plans and getting approval for plans and permits, to completing the finishing touches that make your home so special.

We create custom packages for our clients and assign a design-build team that works on your project from start to finish. The team includes all the professionals and trades needed for every construction or remodeling project, however different they may be.

We assign a dedicated project manager to every job. This person creates project timelines for each of the different stages of the job and assigns a professional team member to handle each stage. It is the project manager’s function to supervise the team, including the various team leaders, and to coordinate all elements of the project. This way we are able to ensure a seamless operation

Design-Build - Architecture & Engineering

Our in-house architects and engineers boast a minimum of 15 years experience in the design-build field of construction.

As design-build contractors, we place great importance on their ability to combine creativity with the nitty-gritty challenges these professions encounter daily. We also recognize the impact their input and involvement have within the framework of our project teams.

It is absolutely crucial that all home plans, whether architectural or engineering-based, are accurate both in terms of our customers’ needs and to meet City of San Mateo codes and standards. This not only saves time in the long term but can save a substantial amount of money as well. This means that they play a pivotal role in terms of both timelines and budget.

Our architects and engineers work closely with all other members of the team, and the project manager assigned to each project oversees the entire project. It is, though, your project manager who will keep the project on track and provide you with daily updates.

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Design-Build - Interior Design

We assign one or two in-house interior designers to every design-build team, depending on the size and complexity of the project. They will play an advisory role and add professional creativity to make your personal style and vision work effectively.

When the designers get involved, one of the first things they do is meet the client to discuss design ideas and get a thorough understanding of your needs and concepts. Of course, if you are struggling to conceptualize design or style, they will be there to make suggestions and guide you.

Once you have established a design theme and agreed on things like color and style, you and your designated designer will go shopping together. If you prefer the designer does the shopping for you, this is an option too. This is not shopping to buy or order anything, but rather an opportunity to choose the materials you want to include in your design-build project. Most of our clients enjoy shopping with their designers!

We understand that you are hiring us as a design-build contractor because you don’t have sufficient skills or abilities to do the job. This is why we have our designers create a detailed 3D model of the proposed build, incorporating the materials, fixtures, fittings, finishes, and so on that you have chosen.

Once the 3D rendering is complete, you will have the chance to make adjustments. Only when we have your approval do we order the materials.

Permits & City Requirements

In the initial planning stage, your project manager will propose timelines that relate to the expected time every phase of a design-build project normally takes. This includes first the development of plans by your architect and engineer, and then approval of these plans by the city.

The reality is that design-build projects invariably involve plans and permits. The City of San Mateo, like all U.S. cities, has adopted many municipal and building codes that must be adhered to. These include the Milpitas Municipal Code of 2020, and the California Building and Green Building Codes of 2019.

You don’t have to worry about any of these documents. Our design team handles all the paperwork and it is their function to ensure that the plans meet the standards and regulations. They get architectural and engineering plans approved and hand permit applications to make sure everything is ready before construction begins.

Sometimes applications run smoothly and plans and permits are approved immediately. Other times the city officials ask for additional information, specific reports, or require special inspections. We handle all of this on your behalf.

Design-Build - Remodeling & Construction

After all the planning and subsequent approvals, construction work can begin. For our customers, this is usually the most exciting phase. This is when all the drawings become reality and they can begin to see their homes evolve.

By now, you will be in constant contact with your dedicated project manager. You will also have access to other lead members of the design-build team assigned to your project.

The remodeling or construction team will work from Monday to Friday every week until the project is complete, providing, of course, your schedule permits. Here’s what to expect:

  • All construction and/or remodeling work will be carried out in accordance with your approved design and the plans approved by the City of Milpitas.
  • All the work will be done to meet your standards and satisfaction.
  • Spaces Home Remodeling, San Mateo will schedule inspections required by the city and be present when they happen.
  • Your contractor, Element Home Remodeling, San Mateo, will ensure that the jobsite remains as clean as possible throughout all construction activities.
  • Once the project is complete, we will schedule a cleaning crew and make sure that all rubble and rubbish are removed.
  • Throughout the project, you will get regular updates from your project manager and you will have access to all the other team leaders.
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